High-Powered Feed

We put mega-calories, protein and feed hygiene first. That results in efficient, high volume and profitable dairy production.

Our objective is to provide the best technologies in support of the protein cascade, regardless of where they come from or what our profit might be.

Our approach does not just supply competitively priced technology; it offers mechanisms by which farmers can keep themselves out of trouble via increased flexibility and improved returns on labour and inputs.

Our Portfolio

Silage Maize genetics that are Bred to be Fed™

BRIXX™ short day silage specific maize offers outstanding whole crop digestibility in a short day maize. With relative maturities as low as 81 days, we help Kiwi farmers avoid drought and get extra crop in the ground while producing tonnage similar to 100+ day grain maize.

25% lower cost per hectare to plant

Whole plant digestibility instead of undigestible lignin in your stack

Short RMs mean you can get a second crop in the ground for additional feed

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Results You Can See™

Open your harvest window with revolutionary dry forage technology made in New Zealand. With Edge, you can make Better, Wetter Forage™ that feeds out beautifully, does not mould or heat, and powers milk production.

Grass, cereals or maize; Edge makes #rocketfuel.

Keep more of what you make:

Less than half the cost per wet ton treated compared to the major competitor

Keeps grasses and winter crops as low as 24% dry matter.

30% dry matter maize without running!

Stacks or bales keep indefinitely

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Turn your ag wastewater headache into a nitrogen and micronutrient goldmine

Biostack’s facultative bacterial consortium, will not only keep you in good stead with council, but is also the cornerstone of a nutrient recycling program that will transform your compliance headache into a valuable resource for production.

Reduce or eliminate the need for dredging

Break down solids in the manure pit and make them entirely irrigatable

Significantly reduce odours in and around holding tank/pit

Less than $1 per cow per month to treat

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Unprecedented feed quality and fermentation for your customers

Our primary goal is to make our contract partners more valuable to their farmers. Whether large or small, contractor’s working with Edge technology put their customers first.

And it is a win/win because EDGE and Maize make your business more efficient, your machine more productive and your business more efficient.

Unlike some ag companies in New Zealand, we consider you to be an important part of delivering value to farmers. We offer training and technology that increase your value to your farmers.

We already work with some of the best contractors in New Zealand, call us if you would like to join them.

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Who We Are

Hyprecision is a Kiwi company with an American accent.  Our core Edge technology was developed in the US in 2016 by Michael Henne, an American farmer, diary nutritionist, and resident of New Zealand.

We take the best of Kiwi and American knowhow to deliver a system focused on making, keeping and increasing available feed.  We are committed to the pasture system and expanding our portfolio for Kiwi farmers, first and foremost.  

Our Team

Michael Henne

Michael grew up on an Eastern Michigan Farm growing maize, soybeans, cereals and lucerne. Michael graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelors degree in Agriscience and had a 17 year career in various sales roles working for Merck and Eli Lilly. Michael returned to the agricultural industry in 2014 as a dairy nutritionist and forage specialist and founded Precison Ag Solutions in the USA in 2016 with his invention of EDGE technology. Michael currently lives in Aotearoa with his son and is a fulltime forage consultant with Hyprecision

John Greenberg

John was the co-founder of Goodmind, a market research and consulting firm located in New York City whose clients included Google, Yahoo, Pepsico and General Electric, among many others.  After relocating to New Zealand in 2011, John became intensely involved with agriculture, principally focused on market uses for biology and bacteria in broad acre farming. John received his BA from the University of Connecticut Honours Scholar Program.

Bruce Sutherland

Bruce has been involved in the New Zealand cropping scene for decades . He currently runs a consultancy company supplying vegetable crops to manufactures, and is proud to support Hyprecision Ag in the Lower North Island.

Lance Dear

Lance Dear is a director and co-owner of Deartech Ltd, a specialist agricultural design and engineering company and the Claas Harvest Centre based in Hawkes Bay.  Lance is Managing Director and co-founder of BioVapor (International) Ltd, a Biosecurity technology company specialising in environmentally sustainable heat-treatment technology and sits on the board of several biosecurity companies. Prior to Deartech Ltd, Lance had over 15 years experience in the high-tech industry including tech start-up experience and a period of 6 years in the Silicon Valley. Lance holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology (Hons) from Massey University (New Zealand) and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from San Jose State University (California).

Glen Dear

Glenn Dear is Managing Director and co-owner of Deartech Ltd, a specialist agricultural design and engineering company and the Claas Harvest Centre based in Hawkes Bay. Prior to Deartech Ltd, Glenn held senior management roles in the industrial processing and plastics industries. Glenn holds a New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering and Diploma in Engineering from the Central Institute of Technology (Wellington).