Corporate ag thinks of your farm as a flat universe; a game board of squares for them to occupy.

Our approach is relentless focus on feed; feed quality, feed preservation, and ultimately the efficiency of conversion; not a product/sales mindset.

Whether you are looking to increase planting flexibility via silage-specific short-day hybrids, make more energy-dense and palatable feed, or seeking strategies to stack and store more of what you make, we've got you covered.

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Who We Are

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Hyprecision is a Kiwi company with an American accent.  Our core Edge technology was developed in the USA in 2016 by Michael Henne, an American farmer, dairy nutritionist, and resident of New Zealand.

We take the best of Kiwi and American knowhow to deliver a system focused on making, keeping and increasing available feed. We are committed to the pasture system and expanding our portfolio for Kiwi farmers, first and foremost.  

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Our Portfolio

Silage Maize genetics that are Bred to be Fed™

BRIXX™ short day silage specific maize offers outstanding whole crop digestibility in a short day maize. With relative maturities as low as 81 days, we help Kiwi farmers avoid drought and get extra crop in the ground while producing tonnage similar to 100+ day grain maize.

25% lower cost per hectare to plant

Whole plant digestibility instead of undigestible lignin in your stack

Short RMs mean you can get a second crop in the ground for additional feed

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Results You Can See™

Open your harvest window with revolutionary dry forage technology made in New Zealand. With Edge, you can make Better, Wetter Forage™ that feeds out beautifully, does not mould or heat, and powers milk production.

Grass, cereals or maize; Edge makes #rocketfuel.

Keep more of what you make:

Less than half the cost per wet ton treated compared to the major competitor

Keeps grasses and winter crops as low as 24% dry matter.

30% dry matter maize without running!

Stacks or bales keep indefinitely

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Turn your ag wastewater headache into a nitrogen and micronutrient goldmine

Biostack’s facultative bacterial consortium, will not only keep you in good stead with council, but is also the cornerstone of a nutrient recycling program that will transform your compliance headache into a valuable resource for production.

Reduce or eliminate the need for dredging

Break down solids in the manure pit and make them entirely irrigatable

Significantly reduce odours in and around holding tank/pit

Less than $1 per cow per month to treat

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Unlike corporates, we look at the cow, the contractor and the farmer as an interconnected system

Our feed production technologies are built around the New Zealand contractor-to-farmer model. Our EDGE applicator is free to install and our contractors make money from every ton treated.

Are you a farmer that wants to make more and better feed? Find out which contractors in your area are on the Edge.

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